Peak Performance Program

In 2017 the P&C agreed to fund a whole of school wellbeing-peak performance program which is being progressively rolled out to teachers, staff, students, parents and tutors.

During each term in 2018, an information session has been scheduled for parents/carers. The topic, resources and strategies for each of these sessions aligns with the work our students will cover that term.

We have diarised these sessions to precede our P&C meetings and encourage you to stay for both. Limited parking is available onsite.

Term 1 – Solutions focused thinking 

6-7pm Tuesday 13th February

This session will focus on the introduction of solutions focused thinking for parents. The main drive is on supporting parents to understand the different techniques of solutions focused questions and action orientated conversations.

Term 2 – Developing independent learners and performers through coaching conversations

6-7pm Tuesday 12th June

This session will follow on from session one and focus on how parents can use coaching style questions and solution focused thinking to support their children and encourage them to take responsibility for their own learning.

More information about this session can be found in the Parent Info Session Outline 12 June 2018.

Term 3 – Goal setting for success

6-7pm Tuesday 14th August

This session will continue to build on the coaching and solutions focused conversations from the previous two terms. It will introduce parents to different types of goals and goal setting techniques to assist them in supporting their children’s learning and development.  

Term 4 – Raising resilient children

6-7pm Tuesday 20th November

This session will focus on how parents can support their children in being resilient in their thinking and behaviour.