Year 9 Cafe Cantata Report for May 10th

Year 9 ran the Cafe Cantata last Saturday May 10 co-ordinated most capably by Vania Chan.  It was a quiet day with takings of $417 from the Cafe.  Vania rostered three helpers in the morning,  and three in the afternoon which worked well.

“Highlights? Definitely getting to know the other parents!”

Vania sent out a request for donations of food a few days before the cafe, and the year 9 group responded well, and they had plenty of food to sell.  Thank you Year 9!

Best sellers were the cakes – especially the cupcakes.

Food Suggestions for Other Groups

Customers requested banana bread, and fruit, and a couple of people wanted gluten free snacks.  These things are all good items to include in the food brought in for a day at the Cafe.  The Year 10 cafe crew also received requests for gluten free products, so it seems that this might be a trend that we should cater for.

New Stock items for the Canteen

Vania suggested a few stock items that might make the Cafe more efficient including sticky labels for sandwiches, microwave containers for rice, pasta etc and post it notes for taking coffee orders.  These have been consistent requests over the past few weeks and these items will be bought before the year 8 Cafe next Saturday.

Problems and Fixes

The Year 9 crew had trouble locating the laminated price signs which need to be blue-tacked up outside the Cafe and removed at the end of the day.  For everyone’s future reference these signs are loosely folded over next to the microwave in the front corner of the Cafe and there is a supply of blue-tack in the till drawer.

Year 9 also commented on the lack of ambience in the Cafe and they clearly made a great effort to warm the space bringing in tablecloths and very sensibly putting out a copy of the SMH and some magazines to encourage people to linger.

Some extra thought needs to go into this area of the Cafe to make the space more attractive, welcoming and comfortable.

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