“A Musical Feast” – A Harmonious Blend of Music, Photography, and Culinary Delights Launches

Note: This post is written by Steven Wang based on the information provided by Katy/Narelle. All photographs featured in this post are copyrighted to Katy Evans and Cathy Player.

In a celebration of music, heritage, and culinary art, the Con High P&C proudly announces the launch of “A Musical Feast,” a cookbook eagerly anticipated by parents, families, and enthusiasts of the Con High community. This unique publication embodies a perfect harmony between music and culinary arts, representing a landmark achievement for the P&C community, celebrated for its commitment to nurturing a vibrant, supportive environment for music enthusiasts.

Crafted over 20 months, “A Musical Feast” is more than a cookbook; it’s a vibrant tapestry of the school’s culture, its picturesque surroundings, and the beloved recipes of its community. Spearheaded by the talented Katy Evans, with pivotal support from our former P&C president Narelle Yeo, the project is a testament to the passion and commitment of the team involved.

The book’s early 2024 arrival has been met with widespread enthusiasm, seen as a special keepsake by many. It features over 200 pages of stunning photography, enriching music, and heartwarming anecdotes from past and present members of the Con High community.

To secure a copy of “A Musical Feast” and support this exquisite blend of flavors, memories, and melodies, contributors are invited to donate $55. Donations of $100 or more will also receive a special gift—one of Katy Evans’ captivating photographic images.

This endeavor underscores the Con High P&C’s dedication to nurturing a community spirit, united by a shared passion for music and the culinary arts. “A Musical Feast” goes beyond the traditional scope of a book; it’s an invitation to explore the soul of the Conservatorium, celebrating the harmony between music and gastronomy.

Order and Donation Details:

Please click the link below to make your donation. You will be directed to a Google Form where you can fill in your details to support this wonderful initiative. Your contribution is greatly appreciated and will help further our mission.


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