2012 Cafe Cantata Co-Ordinator’s Report from Helen Johnson

Cafe Cantata was very successful as a fund raising enterprise in 2012, making a total of $13, 899.33. The year saw a change of management with Nick Berg retiring at the end of third term after a very effective term as cafe co-ordinator, and his replacement Helen Johnson then taking over the role.

The profits from the Cafe Cantata were substantially increased with the introduction of a weekly BBQ run outside the School beginning in August. This is the busiest time for the Cafe and the BBQ alone attracted a significant profit of $5000 during this period attracting customers from both the usual AMEB exam customer base, and from the general public visiting the Gardens. Following the success of the BBQ it was decided late in 2012 to purchase a new and more robust BBQ to support this area and it is hoped that it will be possible to run the BBQ throughout 2013.

During 2012 additional signage was created including sandwich boards to attract customers to the BBQ which were placed strategically. It is hoped that the area of signage can be further addressed in 2013 as it is clear that one of the main issues regarding the Cafe is access, with a major problem for the Cafe being the ability to attract customers downstairs to the Canteen area.

A number of light portable tables were purchased for the Cafe in 2012 to improve the ambience, comfort and efficiency of the Cafe and the BBQ.

Many thanks must go to the six year co-ordinators without whose help the Cafe would not succeed. Without the support of all parents the Cafe cannot function effectively. The role of year co-ordinator although immensely rewarding and social, can be difficult and take effort and time. The role of the 2012 year co-ordinators should be acknowledged and lauded. They include: Amanda Findlay-Woods and Nick Berg in year 12, Helen Johnson and year 11, supported by David Este and Ute Hoffmann, Deborah Cave in year 10, Asimina Kallidis in year 9, with Kathy Drayton and Lily and Walter Schultz really leading the way with the BBQ, and in year 7 Corinne Green.

It is clear that one area that impacts heavily on the ability of these year co-ordinators to attract volunteers for the four or five Cafe each year is responsible for running, is the accuracy of the information in the Buzz Book. It has been identified that there is a problem in the collection of reliable email addresses for the School community. It is hoped that this issue will be resolved in 2013, in order that the role of each year co-ordinator to contact parents and therefore organise the roster system for the running of the Cafe Cantata will be straightforward.

In summary 2012 was a successful year for the Cafe Cantata thanks to the hard work and dedication of many within the School community.

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