Year 9 BBQ & Cantata 17th August

The day was co-ordinated by Vania Chan, who organised everything but was unable to work on Saturday.

Heartfelt thanks go from the P&C to the hardworking and dedicated team:  Alexandra Massa & daughter Natalie; Greg Thiele; Jane, Kevin & Carl Bodnaruk; Zhan Wan; Sa Huang & daughter

And especially the extra helpers: Ros O’Brien, Eileen Leather and Sassy Park who came in and worked even though it wasn’t their turn!!

The BBQ took $377 and the Café took $403.50

60 breadrolls and 2 loaves of bread were used by 1.15, so we could have sold more breadrolls.

We didn’t have any sandwiches in the canteen, and could have sold some – there were a few requests. Maybe a few vegetarian ones.


No milk left over

35 slices bacon in freezer.  Maybe we should freeze the bacon in smaller lots, so they can be defrosted as necessary.

7 pkt onions in freezer

1 pkt grated cheese in freezer

We mopped at the end of the day – can you put that on the list of packing up jobs?

LOVE having the red fridge in use – great

I know Alex found setting up the BBQ in time was quite challenging.

Jane Bodnaruk

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