Year 8 Cafe Cantata 24th August 2013

Report from Jacqui Massey:

TAKINGS: $1240 (approx. $800 from the BBQ and $440 from the cafe).

 EXPECTED:  63 students auditioning for Year 7 places next year (together with any family members), 13 staff, AMEB students (10 rooms booked).


Bread: 90 white hot dog rolls; 42 hamburger rolls (mixture of white, wholegrain and wholemeal); 5 loaves white bread, 2 loaves wholemeal bread; 1 loaf wholemeal Turkish bread; 1 loaf white Turkish bread.

Eggs: 40 free range eggs

Sausages:  180 thin beef sausages plus an extra 48 (when we feared that we would run out after an initial rush in the morning – in the end we didn’t use these and they are still in the fridge for Yr 7 on 31 August)

Bacon: 1.3kg (rindless)

Frozen onions: 2 bags (there were already 7 bags left over in the freezer)

Sandwich ingredients: BBQ chicken; 1kg ham; tomatoes; iceberg lettuce; sliced cheese; 500g shaved turkey breast; cranberry sauce;  celery sticks

Baked goods: 24 large woolworths muffins; 24 doughnuts (I feared we may not have sufficient donations).

Ice:  3 bags


approx. 35 chocolate brownies (all sold);

2 lemon meringue pies (all sold);

lots of muffins (sorry, not sure of quantity, but 38 left over in the freezer);

1 loaf of  banana bread (all sold);

Home-made chocolate biscuits (only about half sold);

Egyptian home-made almond sweets (half sold);

Little marshmallow biscuits (only about 6 sold);

Rocky road slice (about 30 pieces) (all sold).

Mini savoury quiches (about 8 sold).


48 sausages in the fridge; 16 sausages in the freezer; 38 assorted muffins (in the freezer); 12 doughnuts (in the freezer – we established via google that doughnuts can be frozen!). 3L lite milk; 1 litre full cream milk.


The BBQ was the most successful part of the day.  We sold about 37 bacon and egg rolls and about 146 sausages (in either rolls or bread).  There was a rush at about 10 am when the students auditioning came out for a break (before returning for further workshops at around 11 am).  It was so busy that we thought we would run out of sausages when they finished at 12.30.   In the end, however, while there were a few more sold when the students finished, most simply left the school without buying anything (much to our disappointment).    There were no BBQ purchases after about 2pm, so we turned off the BBQ at 2.30pm.  The café was reasonably busy during the students’ break at 10 but was pretty quiet the rest of the day (only a trickle of customers all afternoon).  Only about 6 – 8 sandwiches were sold (so I repurchased the ingredients and will use them myself).


A few people asked for decaf coffee – might be worth having a bag in the cupboard.

The milk purchased didn’t froth well (not sure whether it was the type of milk – Woolworths select brand – or the machine needs a service).

One person asked for gluten free food (which we didn’t have).

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