Year 7 – 2nd November

On Saturday Cafe Cantata and BBQ were very successful, possibly due to the lovely weather, Harp Open Day, Concerts at the Conservatorium of Music, plus the AMEB exams…

We raised $1045.85 (Cafe $722.35 and BBQ 323.50).

Year 7 November BBQ Year 7 November Cantata

BBQ:   Over 60 sausage sandwiches/rolls, 12 bacon and egg rolls.

Cafe:   Lots of sweets – Pear tart, caramel mud cake, apple muffins, cookies, chocolate cake, mini cupcakes, brownies and donuts.

Savoury – Spring rolls, Korean glass noodles (very popular), reduced fat beef pies, ricotta and spinach rolls, sandwiches (which ran out, so will keep that in mind for next time).

Thank you to those who volunteered and/or supplied food.

Cafe:  Julia Nam (Eugene), Angie Lee (Annabel), Thurza Getzler (Miriam), Michelle Feng (Max), Bronte Pang (Ethan), Cherry Dutton (Timothy Year 8)

BBQ:  Louise Hardy (Alison), George & Lisa Fong (Elizabeth)

Supplied Food:  Maria Lu (Justinn) – 50 bread rolls, 5 loaves of bread, 2 banana breads.

Year 7 Parents, If you would like to help out or fund the last CAFE/BBQ for the year (Saturday, 7th December 2013). Please Email Bronte or myself. It’s a great way to meet other parents and get to know them.

Freezer: 1/2kg bacon (we used half) and some things that were already in the freezer: 1 packet sausages (22), 12 blueberry muffins, 23 choc chip muffins, 2L frozen milk.

Suggestions:  Chai latte (a few customers requested it).  Lids didn’t fit properly on the coffee cups (Luke had to help a man who spilt some on his top).  Detergent wand and refills to assist in washing up efficiently.

Rachael Tsang

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