Year 12 Farewell Cantata 1st June

Yesterday’s Cafe Cantata, the last one ever for the current year 12 group was a great success.  Although the day was predicted to be quiet with only 11 AMEB rooms booked, business was steady until about 2:30 when it died completely.  We took a total of $800 for the day.

Year 12 ran a BBQ and Cafe.  The weather stayed fine but overcast until the afternoon when it started to close in and it was clear that rain was imminent. Due to the weather there were not a large number of tourists around.  What I observed was that we now get families coming regularly from the Rising Stars program for a  sausage sandwich treat or a quiet coffee downstairs in the Cafe.  A few commented that the BBQ had moved position so I knew they were regulars.  We also had a few rangers come for a quick and cheap bite, and some examiners who appreciate getting outside and gobbling down a quick hot sausage or two.  We tried the chips this time as other years regularly sell these at the BBQ,  but really only sold six packets all day.  The BBQ sold out at about 1:30 so we packed up shop then.  We ran out of onions, and sold 44 sausage sandwiches, six loaves (almost )of bread but not so many bacon and egg sandwiches this time.  Drinks were slow which was not surprising as it was not a hot day.

The Cafe had a good range of food including sandwiches, Vietnamese wraps, a good selection of  cakes  some of which were gluten free and muffins, and our special of the day were Belgian homemade waffles with strawberries and cream.  These were a bit slow to start but word got out and I think we sold about 12 servings of these.  They were really delicious.

There was some excitement during the early afternoon when the fire engines arrived with alarms blaring and the whole Con was evacuated.  Exams had to be postponed while they sorted out the problem and many anxious parents and their kids were congregated around the School entrance.  Six burley firemen wielding axes and other paraphernalia ended up in the Canteen.  Could our waffles have been the culprit?  Needless to say we took advantage of this rare situation and sold quite a few extra sausages during this unusual period of the day.

A great effort on the part of year 12 and a great finish for this group of dedicated and supportive parents.


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