Year 11 Cantata & War Requiem BBQ

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Year 11 Café Cantata Saturday 8th June 2013

The morning of Saturday 8th June saw an enthusiastic Team of Year 11 parents descend on the Café at 7.45, armed to the hilt with all sorts of delicious morsels and prepared for a huge day. It promised to be extremely busy, what with the AMEB exams and the War Requiem in the afternoon and we were ready!!

As the day unfolded we realised the day would not live up to what had been anticipated, but we were not daunted. We sold coffee, cakes and sandwiches well into the afternoon and raised $693 (including donations) for the school.

A great day was had by all, meeting up with new parents and discussing our specific child’s achievements at school. It is a wonderful way to also find out what is due in next week!!

Thank you

Deborah Cave


The Barbecue Squad

Because we thought the day would be extra busy with the War Requiem afternoon concert, as well as Rising Star concerts on top of the usual AMEB exams, the P&C organised an extra crew for the barbecue for the day.  Linda Cumines levered special permission from the Conservatorium Site Committee to set up at the front of the school.

Sally Taylor borrowed a marquee from one of her friends and we set this up to shelter us from the sun and the occasional shower of rain that we were expecting.  It helped make the barbecue more distinctive, and it filtered the light onto the volunteers so that we all looked radiant and at least 5 years younger.  Thank you Sally!

Working on the morning crew were Sally Taylor, Clare Carter and Kathy Drayton.  Phaptawan Clarke joined us to work through the peak period from 10 – 2, and Val Simkins and Jo Blagg took over in the afternoon.    We sold a lot of sausages, eggs, bacon and onions.  I decided to try both sliced bread and bread rolls to test out people’s preferences.  By far the greater demand was for the rolls.

Hungry university students who were there to perform boosted our sales immeasurably. We grossed $1169.20, out of which we paid a total of $138 for sausages, $96 for eggs, bacon and ice and $70 for bread – leaving us with a profit of $865.20 for the P&C and leftovers for upcoming cantatas.  It was a great effort.  Every time we do it we learn more about how to make more money from the barbecue.

People are always asking me are we barbecuing every weekend there.  I think if we were there on predictable days for the public we would build up a regular turnover of hungry students and customers who would support us.  But it is a big effort to sustain on a small pool of volunteers, but maybe worth thinking about.

Everyone worked hard, and provided each other with funny, warm hearted company.  Thanks especially to Ernest as well from the Year 11 cafe crew for all the extra help he provided in setting up and putting away the marquee, and running supplies from the Canteen to the BBQ.  Without him our backs would have been a lot stiffer!

In relation to Deb’s disappointment about the day’s fundraising at the Cafe I have to point out that when we combine the profits from the barbecue with the cafe (which is what we normally do) the sum total for the day’s fundraising was $1558.20 which is absolutely fantastic.

Kathy Drayton

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