Year 10 Cantata Co-ord’s notes

Here’s a quick rap for Saturday, May 4 Café Cantata.

Income: $520.38

Popular sellers

Con water

Coffees (although felt coffee consumption generally down)

Café: muffins, pastries, & banana & raspberry bread

BBQ: sausage & onion rolls

Drinks generally

Profitable sellers

Drinks ($3 price point, easy to sell, no wastage, minimal work)

General notes from the day


Next time, more volunteers required for late shift. All helpers on the day were fantastic, energetic and reliable, however the clean-up is big.


To brighten up the place a bit, brought two tablecloths, and next time, will bring magazines and Saturday newspapers to encourage people to stay and visit again. However it’s come up at P&C meetings at various times, that we need to do something to improve the feel of the space (and it’s a good space), and will raise again to seek some soul with more artistic skill than me to breathe freshness, colour and life to the place. In the meantime, tablecloths helped.


Sausages:  About 30 sausages leftover and stored in freezer, suitable for next bbq, although need to ask school to take them from the freezer and put into fridge Friday night. There are also two other packets of sausages in the freezer.

Milk:  I replaced the milks with those with a more extended expiry dates, hopefully so that the remaining milk can again serve the next café (or other school function as required, to avoid waste)

Onions:  Next time, aim to buy bulk onion bags (total 5 kg min) as two 500 gram bags ran out quickly, and had to go to IGA at Darlinghurst for five more bags. Onions freeze easily so there will minimal waste if there is some left over.

Drinks generally

As said Con High water sells well, and fabulous advertising.  Diet Cokes – need more & Vanilla Coke – need more… Otherwise drinks stock look okay to me.


No idea how full/ empty


I began the day with a $150 cash float (this float has been accounted for the total income).

Food generally

Helpers were very generous in what they brought to sell. There was a delicious quiche and some small party cup cakes presumably from two other families in the canteen fridge when I arrived in the morning, otherwise I have heard of no donations from other families who were not able to assist on the day.

I’d also brought along some fruit straps and other ‘good fruit lolly’ packets, thinking these would be a hit, but a big flop. So that was interesting.


AMEB students, families, organizers (2), accompanists and examiners for approx 10 rooms, as you said, quiet day. Café patronage in the morning to early afternoon.  General public – also come to the BBQ, with peak time from around 11.00am – 2.30pm.

Great idea – Rising Stars

Some wise person (and I’m sorry I can’t recall the wonderful source) suggested students, parents etc attending Rising Stars concerts at the con at 11am and 4pm might also like the café


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