Year 10 Cantata – 10th August 2013

Report from Sally Taylor

  • It was a lovely sunny day and we had a brilliant set of parent helpers. Great workers and great company – thank you all!
  • We benefitted from having the school auditions for next year in the adjoining room (not sure if they appreciated us!)
  • We dressed the area: new table cloths, printed menus, tables arranged with two small tables from nearby classroom, plus two tables joined to make a bigger one, plus chairs elsewhere , magazines and kids books available (none went missing, however if anyone does this, be accepting that they can ‘walk’ )
  • Cafe Cantata looked like a café and had good patronage with many lingering (also because it was simply warmer inside than out, so that’s a seasonal bonus)
  • I also think that Rising Stars, AMEB and other come to expect the café to be there and appreciate the service.
  • We invited customers from the bbq to come downstairs to the café for coffees/tea ) + placed coffee cups on the bbq table just to prompt people to ask).
  • The aprons looked really good on everyone.

light bulb


We printed & distributed small flyers advising of menu and location of Café and BBQ  (Good idea Sally!!)

Popular items

Coffee, hot chocolate (reflecting its winter?), Pumpkin soup, Muffins, cake, Sushi rolls,

BBQ: sausage and onion rolls

Cold drinks

Suggestions for future

  • Prepare a list of café dates and distribute to Rising Stars
  • Maybe bit more savoury food
  • Bring a small jug that fits in the microwave to make pouring soup easier
  • Toasty sandwiches in winter try again (as this presents an easy savoury option for vegetarians)
  • More ‘food’ or financial contributions from families apart from the helpers (need food to serve in the café)

 Re co-ordination role

  •  This being my second time, knew more what I was doing which made things easier
  • As said before, parent helpers were fantastic – thank you thank you thank you.
  • Ensured the roster included helpers for clean up and pack away because this is big.

Income/ expenses summary

BBQ INCOME  $620.00


TOTAL INCOME*  $1207.00

*This income does not include

  • Helen’s purchases (milk, eggs, onions, bacon, other?)


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