Treasurer’s Report 27th August 2013

David Zhang


Report date up to 19/08/2013


1. Uniform shop sale is major revenue for the P&C, amounting sale of $12,461. While  it is not  and never meant to be the most profitable section, it mainly a service provided  to  our  kids. We need to commemorate Rosey and Sassy for doing the great job, with only a few hands, they achieve a lot more.

2. The Cantata sale is the second biggest revenue  up to $8,233.7  and with highest profit margin  (69% if we count the cost up to today $1855.69 + $707.63=$2563.32).  All the Cantata coordinators and volunteers  are  to be congratulated for the great success.  It is great effort, involving more parents, with more profit margins. Most importantly, large parts of the  funds collected on Cantata activities are from outside of the school.

3. The third income stream is Levy, with 33 family contributed so far, there certainly more to come.


1. For any bank transactions including deposits, and POS transactions: please  pass the  info to Treasurer  (via text or email)  in time  to save us the “tracing our tails”. It will make my job and future’s treasurers job a lot easier.


Our expense is not big because we don’t usually have claim of expensive apart of Cantata purchasing cost. All parents volunteers involved cover their own costs usually. Thank you all.

Major costs show in this year are Welcome Dinner and Website, and insurance to be paid..


Our major spending of P&C is donation to the School for major equipment purchasing.

We need also look at spending to our kids’ activities, like soloist night and others which will help kids directly, like  some symbolic price for kids performing at soloist concert (or book club?).

Accounting system: 

1. MYOB  system is in my office (Software and hardware),

2. Remote access by any authorised persons  at anytime

3.  Old accounting  Data  has been transferred into MYOB from the beginning of this year.

4. being able to check Balance sheet and profit and Loss statement  for any time frame.

5. The system can be transferred to new treasure easily.

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