Return To the Forbidden Planet

Mr Fowler, Mr Barker and the Year 10 Drama Class rehearsed, painted sets, and made costumes throughout the school holidays.  And it was all worth it because they pulled off a stunning production of  Return to the Forbidden Planet.  The play is a parody of Shakespeare’s The Tempest and a 1950’s scifi B movie.  And because this is a music school it was full to overflowing with classic songs from the 60’s and 70’s.   The production premiered at lunchtime on Friday for a very appreciative primary school audience, who ALL seemed to have developed a crush on Cookie aka Jasper.  Then another performance on Friday night for the parents, and Saturday night to a sell out-crowd.  Huge thanks go to Mr Barker and Mr Fowler for their dedication and enthusiasm in creating such a wonderful educational and personal experience for our children.  And congratulations to all for an absolutely delightful and professional evening’s entertainment.Forbidden Planet 15 Forbidden Planet 14 Forbidden Planet 13 Forbidden Planet 12 Forbidden Planet 11 Forbidden Planet 10 Forbidden Planet 9 Forbidden Planet 8 Forbidden Planet 7 Forbidden Planet 6 Forbidden Planet 5 Forbidden Planet 3 Forbidden Planet 2 Forbidden Planet 1

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