Recording Studio Rationale

Pref Mics Monitors etc for CHS

CHS Recording Studio Rationale

Dear Members,

The P&C has had a request from the school to consider providing funds to fit out a recording studio.
The school plans to consider future development of this project including infrastructure for a more complete installation, but funds provided by the P&C would enable the school to get a studio up and running effectively for 2015.

As we have done with the proposed uniform shop change, we will send out a request for votes in few days, once you have had some time to digest this information.
Teachers have most generously offered to take some holiday time to see this project get off the ground as soon as possible, and this is why we will be are calling for votes now rather than waiting for our first meeting in term 1, 2015.

Attached is a detailed proposal of equipment to be purchased and also an informative letter outlining the school’s rationale for the project.

As an executive we have consulted a large independent professional recording studio, as well as one of own own parents who runs a recording business, and we are very happy with the proposal.

If you have any queries about the project please contact

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