P&C meetings are held in the English room (Room 2033) at 6.30 pm.

Everyone is welcome, although only financial members can vote on agenda items. Snacks are always available so don’t be concerned that you will have to go hungry all night!

Check upcoming events for meeting dates.

Principal’s Address

The school’s principal addresses every meeting, explaining the development of his vision for the school, and outlining achievements and disappointments encountered along the way.  He regularly consults with parents in addressing the artistic, academic, financial, or personal challenges that may arise for staff or students in the demanding educational environment of the school.


Email any agenda items you would like discussed to The agenda will be emailed to anyone in the buzz book prior to each meeting. Only financial members will be emailed a copy of the minutes.


Meetings are held in Room 2033 at the school (the English room). To find the meeting, come in the main Conservatorium entrance (the school entrance will be closed). Do not go down the big stairs. Instead take the first left and follow this corridor behind the Verbruggen Hall to a small staircase. At the bottom, turn right and follow the corridor along to the English room.

Free Parking

Anyone wishing to use the car park needs to arrive by 6.20pm. Drive to the entrance of the car park (at the front of the Conservatorium) and you will be swiped in. Wait in the turning circle if you are early.


Membership is one off payment of $10. Once this is paid you are a member for as long as you have a child at the school. Please note however, we are an incorporated P&C and according to our prescribed Constitution membership is only updated at the close of each meeting. Anyone who joined after the close of the last meeting will not be able to vote until after the close of the upcoming meeting (in other words, new parents who have already joined cannot vote until the AGM).

Anyone not sure of their membership status can contact