P&C executive

The Executive Committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting, which is usually scheduled for the March or April P&C meetings.  All paid up members of the P&C are strongly encouraged to attend the AGM to vote in the new office bearers for the year.

Executive committee


Lisa Elias: president@conhighpandc.org.au

LisaElias2Lisa joined the P&C as Year 7 Coordinator in 2016 and then as Vice President. She was elected President in April 2017. Lisa is mother to Austin (Year 8, clarinet and JVS major) and Abbie (Year 5, trumpet and singing). She works as an independent organisational learning and development consultant. Lisa has always had a keen interest in music and music education and considers it a privilege to support and represent our P&C community.

Vice President

Nicky Dhillon: vp2@conhighpandc.org.au

nickyDhillonNicky Dhillon is the father of young tuba player Justin who joined Con High in the year 2017. Being a new parent he has received  generous support from both the school and the P&C and would like to contribute in return. Nicky has been an active member of the primary school band subcommittee prior to joining Con High P&C. He works in the city and you can see him around at school pretty often before or after school.

Vice President

Lionel Babicz: vp1@conhighpandc.org.au
LionelLionel is dad to Yonatan (year 8, piano and percussion) and Sarah (year 5, piano and trumpet). Lionel works at Sydney University, where he is teaching Japanese and Asian history. He also loves music, and is grateful to the school for the rich and caring learning environment.


Karen Collins: secretary@conhighpandc.org.au

Minutes Secretary

Cameron Player: minutesecretary@conhighpandc.org.au

cameronPlayerCameron Player is dad (aka taxi) to Elizabeth Player (year 8, 2017, vocal major) and works in the city with the NSW Govt, as an Executive Director with SIRA. He recently completed a trek to Everest Base Camp, during which he was volunteered for this job by family and friends (which he graciously accepted). He also enjoys dragon boat racing, mowing, rugby and riding his Vespa.


Cameron Nolte: treasurer@conhighpandc.org.au

Cameron has a daughter in the vocal stream who started at CHS in 2015.

Cafe Cantata Co-ordinator

Jude Powell Thomas cantata@conhighpandc.org.au


Expressions of interest are invited for the role of  looking after the web site.

AngelaAngela Fowler: webmaster@conhighpandc.org.au

Angela has a software background and works full time in the field of natural language generation. Her daughter is in year 9 studying vocal, piano and clarinet. Angela and husband Greg used to sing in an A’Capella choir and teach Lindy Hop dance (8 to the bar).

Newsletter Editor

Greg Thiele: newsletter@conhighpandc.org.au

Greg works in IT (programming and support), and has two children: Isaac (Year 10), and Marta, who completed Year 12 at CHS last year. While of modest ability himself, Greg is a great lover of music (especially classical), and so derives tremendous enjoyment from the school’s many activities in that area.

Soloist Concert Co-ordinator

Lindi Greenfield: mailto:soloists@conhighpandc.org.au

Uniform Co-ordinator

Lisa Shaw: uniforms@conhighpandc.org.au

Centenary Co-ordinator

cathyPlayerCathy Player: centenary@conhighpandc.org.au

Cathy Player is mum to Elizabeth Player (year 8, 2017, vocal major) and honoured to help make the century celebrations a success. She is the Marketing Manager at Howards Storage World as well as current secretary (and previous president) of the Pittwater House Alumni Association.