P&C Team

Executive committee


Lisa Elias: president@conhighpandc.org.au

LisaElias2Lisa joined the P&C as Year 7 Coordinator in 2016 and then as Vice President. She was elected President in 2017 and re-elected in 2018. Lisa is mother to Austin (Year 9, clarinet and voice) and Abbie (Year 6, trumpet and voice). She holds an MEd and an MBA and works as an organisational learning and development consultant. Lisa has always had a keen interest in music and music education and considers it a privilege to support and represent our P&C community. Prior to joining the CHS P&C Association Lisa was very involved with her children’s primary school P&C on the band, canteen and fundraising committees.

Vice President

Karen Collins: vp1@conhighpandc.org.au

Vice President

Cathy Player: vp2@conhighpandc.org.au

Cathy has been part of the P&C since 2017 holding the Centenary Co-ordination role and is mother to Elizabeth in year 9, who is in the vocal stream. She is Howards Storage World’s Marketing Manager and also secretary for Pittwater House Alumni Association.



Ferdie Oosterhoff: secretary@conhighpandc.org.au


Cameron Nolte: treasurer@conhighpandc.org.au

Cameron has a daughter in the vocal stream who started at CHS in 2015.

Minutes Secretary

Arvinder Khanna: minutesecretary@conhighpandc.org.au



Matt Price: webmaster@conhighpandc.org.au

Matt has an IT background and runs a small company in the telco sector.  His son, Ben, has just started his first year at the Con and plays the piano, violin and sings with the JVC.

Newsletter Editor

Greg Thiele: newsletter@conhighpandc.org.au

Greg works in IT (programming and support), and has two children: Isaac (Year 11), and Marta, who completed Year 12 at CHS 2 years ago and is now studying violin performance at the Con. While of modest ability himself, Greg is a great lover of music (especially classical), and so derives tremendous enjoyment from the school’s many activities in that area.


Soloist Concert Co-ordinator

Lindi Greenfield: soloists@conhighpandc.org.au

Uniform Co-ordinator

Lisa Shaw: uniforms@conhighpandc.org.au

Cafe Cantata Co-ordinator

Lisa Shaw: cantata@conhighpandc.org.au

Centenary Co-ordinator

Cathy Player: centenary@conhighpandc.org.au

– if you would like to volunteer your time, please contact Cathy.



Buzz Book Coordinator

Tim Skinner: buzzbook@conhighpandc.org.au

Parent Buddy Program

Jasmina Bajraktarevic-Hayward: j_bajraktarevic@hotmail.com