Other News from the AGM

Student Dinners 3/4 June War Requiem Rehearsals & Fundraising BBQ 7/8 June War Requiem Concerts

These rehearsals and concerts are long calls and late nights. Linda Cumines will organise dinners for rehearsals.  Called for a response to the idea of fundraising for concerts that also involve university staff and students.  The options are to feed students with BBQ on Friday and fundraise on Saturday, or to fundraise on both occasions? Idea warmly received by parents, need to investigate clash with Café run by Yr 11 on Saturday 8th.

Formation of 2018 Centenary Committee

2018 is the 100th anniversary of the Con High School.  Such a big event needs some big ideas prepared in plenty of time.  A call goes out to  year 7 parents to get involved.  Let the Secretary know if you would like to be involved in the planning and preparation.  secretary@conhighpandc.org.au

Peter McCallum is writing a history of the Conservatorium. It would be nice to reflect on the many families that have been through the school, often over many generations. It is a good time for all families at the school to consider the image of the school. What has it been, what is it now, what would we like it to be in the future etc?

75 years of Class; A History of the Conservatorium High School                                                    

by  John Ewen Simpson

Dr Curry recommends we all have a look at John Ewen Simpson’s book, 75 years of Class; A History of the Conservatorium High School (1993). It is a fascinating reading for all past and present students and families.

Proposed new instruments. 

If the P&C wishes to proceed with the purchase of a new Double Bass the school requests an investigation into carbon fibre instruments made by Luis & Clark. A fully professional instrument costs around $12,000 (traditional wooden ones are about $5K for a student model with a limited lifetime and limited usability for players, and far in excess of $12K for a professional one.)  The school recommends the P&C invest around $19,000 on a professional model Double Bass and a Cello, both made from carbon fibre.   Carbon fibre instruments offer durability coupled with exceptional performance.  Luis & Clark focus their R&D on producing just one outstanding quality model, so there is not the matter of choosing from a range of low to high quality models – all focus on the top quality.

  •  The majority of parents voted to approve purchase, but RC suggested the matter be considered by the P&C and all interested parents for the next business meeting.
  •  Professor Anna Reid (Head of School and Associate Dean, Teaching and Learning, SCM) owns one and highly recommends it.
  •  Also see www.luisandclark.com.
  •  P&C welcomes all feedback possible on this issue, before May 21.

The New School App

The school is developing its own app for smart phones. Will duplicate info on website; email and text contact will continue as before, but there will be a new facility for push notifications, info sent out to anyone with the app.

Q: With assessment dates?

IB: Yes. Website calendar available soon, app to follow.


Next Meeting

Tuesday, 21 May 2013 6.30pm. Guest Speaker Carolyn Watson, Conductor-in-Residence, CHS

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