Notes from the Principal’s Report 21st May 2013

Dr Robert Curry gave a big thank you to Carolyn Watson for all she does at the school.  He noted that  her influence is obvious in all concerts and performances since her arrival. More subtly, her influence on the culture of the school is changing the place all for the better.

Upheaval to school routine in term 2 has been a result of variations to the school’s concert program, specially, the Orff concert being held at the beginning of term 2 rather than the end of term 1.  Concerns about the possible adverse impact on students’ academic work by the upcoming Britten concert have been noted. These decisions are not taken lightly.  They are carefully considered bearing in mind the overall music-educational benefit to our students.

Q: What is the War Requiem performance?

A: Benjamin Britten, a pacifist, was commissioned to write this choral-orchestral work for the re-consecration of Coventry Cathedral, which had been destroyed in a WW2 bombing raid. Studying and performing this work recommends itself to quite a number of subjects in addition to music, a point welcomed by many staff. A work of this significance is beyond the means of any one school. Performing it with the tertiary arm of the Conservatorium was an opportunity not to be missed. Also a valuable experience for the children was the chance to work under conductor, Neil McEwan.

Q: Why was Composers Day cancelled after compositions were handed in?

A: This was a result of parents’ messages of concern regarding the overwhelming workload for students in term 2, as well as the last-minute unavailability of the adjudicator. To reduce unnecessary pressure this term, Composers’ Day will now be held in term 4. This will provide welcome relief for year 11 students.

(The featured image at the top of the page is Benjamin Britten listening to a rehearsal of the War Requiem in 1962.)

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