Report: P&C Meeting 9 October 2012

Guest Speaker – Ms Kathleen Kell, Head of Learning

Ms Kell gave a very thorough and informative presentation outlining the teaching and learning cycle in place at the school and detailing the introduction of personal learning plans for all students.  LC thanked Ms Kell for her presentation.

5. Principal’s Report

• Dr Curry informed timetabling continues to be a complicated matter, due to the need to fit in music lessons. The relationship with the tertiary side has changed due to staff cuts and tutors being employed sessionally, which impacts on the school. Many tutors are happy to continue to teach CHS students, but so that their timetables are efficient want the CHS students to see them during school class time. Dr Curry is unwilling for this to happen, but needs to maintain relations with the tutors and ensure the relationship with the tertiary side functions. Mr Barker and Mr Backhouse went on a course in timetabling.

• We have 7 students from Singapore visiting CHS. During the vacation he visited Singapore and met his counterpart at the music school there, School of the Arts (SOTA Singapore). It is a secondary school for academic high achievers gifted in the performing and plastic arts. Currently there are 1000 students and soon to be 1200. The facility is impressive and very generously funded. It is 11 storeys high with roof-top sporting facilities. Students are drawn from all over the republic. It is a sign that the Singaporean Government is committed to investing in cultural infrastructure. The students are not being trained to be performers or artists, but to be consumers of the Arts. The school arose from a desire to produce a more cultivated Singaporean.

Q – RL: What is the worst that can happen with the timetable question. Rhys is already coming in on Saturdays.

A – Dr C: Turbulent times have led to difficult timetable this year.

Q – KD : There is research that high school students are better with later starting times. Could we have a later starting time?

A – RC: This wouldn’t solve the problem with the tertiary as they start later. Starting earlier, CHS get access to their large rehearsal spaces.

Q – Jane Bodnaruk: Regarding the elective options for years 9 and 10 that include Drama, or a year of Mandarin combined with a year of either visual arts or PDHPE, how does this work?

A – RC: it is a natural fit to have drama with music plus we have two staff members qualified to teach it. Also, we want to inject some changes into elective options because there have been no change to electives for the last 30 years. I am mindful of my staffing profile.

6. Treasurer’s report

Kathy Drayton tabled the Financial Report. Full report kept on file. Of note:

  • P&C has $24,842.49 in its investment account, and has received $114.08 in interest in the last quarter, has $22,243.97 in cheque account but have a bill of $4812.00 and $136.00 to pay for Café Cantata.
  • There is $950.00 from the Uniform shop and $100.00 from membership with the School Office awaiting deposit.
  • Total funds are $36,963.35, which is good given the trombone has been paid for.
  • $8880.00 for white performance shirts and checked pants has been written off.
  • $7500.00 has been raised by the voluntary family contribution, P&C membership is $1410.00
  • Café Cantata has raised $4237.62 this year.
  • KD noted that while children are making purchases the EFTPOS machine is not much used, but it will be very useful when parents are making the purchases.
  • LC noted we are financially strong. There is no further information regarding the double bass so this purchase is deferred until 2013.

9. General Business

9.1. Soloist Concerts update

  • Last soloist concert for year held earlier in the evening with outgoing coordinator Annette Anderson showing the ropes to new coordinator Val Simpkin.
  • Val noted that year group concerts worked well. Suggested that students have to go to at least one concert and critique a performance (as with Pieta van de Ven’s idea students critique works performed for composers day).
  • Positive comments were made regarding the appearance of the performers in the new performance shirts. LC informed that the design was developed between Dr Curry and LC during the holidays. It was noted that the decision for the shirts to be black was made several years ago and it has always been compulsory to have a performance uniform. An ex parent was the tailor. She also produces the shirts for the Arts Unit. It was noted that the turn around from order to arrival is one week, items can be ordered singly, there is a great size range available.
  • JB commented that the xs performance shirt is huge for boys.
  • LC will try to order xxs for boys and noted size 6 is available for the girls.


LC to follow up supply of xxs performance shirts for boys.

10. New Business

10.1 Thanks and appreciation from Year 12 parents

LC read the following vote of thanks to Dr Curry and the CHS staff on behalf of year 12 parents:

His Honour Judge Gregory Woods Q.C. moved the following: “That parents of the HSC year for 2012 express their sincere appreciation of the direction given by the Principal, Dr Curry, and Deputy Principal, Mr Barker, and the skill and dedication of all teachers who have provided a wonderful academic and musical education for the graduating year.”

The motion was met with applause from the meeting.


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