First P&C Meeting Tuesday 18th February 2014

There was a good turnout of parents at the first meeting of the year.   We were especially happy to welcome all of the new parents who came along: parents from Year 7 – Peter and Lea, Bridget, Paul, Chris and Rael; from Year 8 – Billie; and from Year 11 – Vivienne.  Lovely to meet you all.

News from the Principal

Dr Curry started by saying that for him P&C meetings are a privilege.  He understands that with our busy lives it’s not easy to get to them, and the efforts of the parents who do so are much appreciated.

Recently Dr Curry was delighted to meet with the regional executives from the Department of Education, familiarising and impressing them with the unique qualities and peculiar needs of the school, as they consider their funding arrangements for the coming years.  He also updated them about the changes that have taken place in the relationship between the tertiary and the secondary arms of the conservatorium, and which impacts upon the finances of the school.

Dr Curry is working hard to improve the already impressive results that  students from the school achieve in the HSC.  He believes that the abilities of the students should see the school sitting in the top ten of the state, and will not rest until he sees this happen.

P&C Treasurer

Sassy Park was formally voted in as the new Treasurer for the school.  The meeting also voted to buy a laptop computer with MYOB accounting software installed for the Treasurer.  This will lighten the load of this important job, and make it much easier to hand over the P&C accounts from one new treasurer to the next.

Centenary Co-Ordinator

Thurza Getzler is applying lots of imagination and enthusiasm to her project of planning and co-ordinating activities and events to celebrate the centenary of the school in 2018.   Some of her plans are:

– to improve the photo wall in the school foyer which displays photographs of past students who have gone on to successful careers both within and outside of the world of music.

– a grand centenary concert performed by the students, which will be recorded and released on CD.  The works of composers who have or are attending the school will be featured heavily.

– Thurza will run a school competition to create a theme for the centenary.  The P&C will provide some highly desirable prizes for the winners and runners-up.

–  There is a possibility that the school could put on a Gala Day to celebrate the centenary, but more thought needs to go into this.

Thurza needs a few more people on her team.  Please email her at

if you would like to help out.

Uniform Shop

Since Sassy has moved from the Uniform shop to the Treasury, Jackie Joo has volunteered to take over the running of the shop.  This is a job that requires at least 2 volunteers.   We need to keep in mind that the shop is a service provided by the P&C for parents at the school.  It is cheap and it is convenient to buy school uniforms for our children this way.  If we can’t get enough volunteers to run the shop we will have to outsource it to a commercial provider and inevitably prices will rise.

Soloist Concerts

It was broadly agreed that all peers of the children playing in the soloist concerts should attend the concert, even if they’re not performing themselves, as should all of their families.   Many parents at the meeting felt that it would be a nice idea if the soloist concert was followed by a dinner at a nearby restaurant for the families of the year involved.  This would help the families within each year group to get to know each other, and it could make the soloist nights a very special night out for all.

P&C Website

The website is a great place to put up images that show life at the school.  If any parent or child takes photographs of anything related to events or life at the school, please send them to Kathy at   Also Kathy is looking for apprentices to help with the website as her daughter is in Year 11 and they will be moving on before they know it.  If you like writing or designing and want to learn how a simple website is put together, please get in touch by email.

Chess Club

Clive Lane is a retired school principal who has been helping to train and run the Chess Club at the school.  Under his guidance the Con High team is doing extraordinarily well, and club membership is rapidly growing.  The P&C agreed to donate $4,000 to assist in the running of the club.  It was noted though that this club is lacking in girl power.  The P&C and the school would like to encourage our girls to join, and parents, please encourage them.

New Microwave for Students

The meeting approved funds to buy a new microwave so students can heat up their lunches more easily each day.  The current queue for the microwave in service is way too long.  Marta’s mum Cathy Davis is taking care of this.  Thanks a lot Cathy!


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