Cafe cantata report June 2014

Conservatorium High School P&C
1. Cafe Income to date
Each year has now run one Cafe each with the following results:
Year Date Total income BBQ Notes¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬
Year 12 April 26 long weekend $442.00 not enough volunteers to run BBQ
Year 11 May 3 $380.00 not enough volunteers to run BBQ
Year 10 May 10 $460.00 not enough volunteers to run BBQ
Year 9 May 17 $596.00 BBQ $305.00
Year 8 May 24 $768.50 BBQ $391.00
Year 7 June 7 $868.00 BBQ $332.0
Year 12 June 14 long weekend $575.00 heavy rain Fri but Sat v.busy/ fine

2. Cafe , BBQ and Volunteers
The question of volunteers clearly impacts on the running of the Cafe and in particular the BBQ. The weather is also key to the BBQ.
Some year co-ordinators have had difficulty attracting volunteers. Why ?
• Parents do not feel comfortable or welcome
• English is not a first language and may find it confronting/challenging?
• Too busy
• Poor understanding of the value of the Cafe as a P&C fund raiser
• Work on Saturdays
• No access to transport/live far away
• Other children at different schools and no time to devote to well resourced school
• Families already pay P&C levy and feel this is adequate contribution
• Communication regarding value income from Cafe for the School not effective

• Clearer direction from the P&C through the Cafe Co-ordinator
• Greater support for year co-ordinators in communicating with parents
• Build stronger School community through other inclusive social activities
• Acknowledge work by volunteers in more meaningful way eg annual thank you morning tea/BBQ etc
• Improve dialogue between P&C and parent body. Although a lot of work the P&C newsletter was very effective
• Cease running the Cafe
• Increase parent levy

3. Weather
Although lack of volunteers is a major deterrent to the running of the Cafe the weather also impacts.
• The P&C could invest in a weather proof outdoor portable shelter
• Run scaled down version of BBQ from the Canteen on rainy days
• Added expense to P&C
• Add to the inconvenience of setting up and dismantling the BBQ
• Unpleasant for volunteers outside in the rain.
• BBQ in Canteen can set off the alarm ( eg fire brigade called one day when waffles made in Canteen)

4. Uni Cafe
The Uni Cafe has new operators and is open all day Saturday until 2:00. This has had a direct impact on Cafe income.

5. Signage and Access
Accessibility to the Canteen area has always been an issue which to date has been addressed by sandwich boards. Cafe signage is placed around the Con High entrance area, at the top and bottom of the internal stairs, and the two BBQ signs are placed at the BBQ site and at the entrance to the Con.
The CHS is poorly signed. The signs are tasteful but ineffectual from the turning circle approach to the School.

• The CHS P&C could invest in an electronic sign that could be programmed to promote the Cafe and BBQ for the 24 Saturdays that it is run during the year.
• The CHS could investigate the possibility of adding CHS information including the Cafe/BBQ details on the Uni electronic information boards at the entrance to the Con
• Additional portable signage could be bought
• The AMEB should be encouraged to improve their very amateur signage which could include information about our Cafe/BBQ facilities. This would be a “joint-venture” between the AMEB and CHS P&C
• Any income derived from the AMEB hire of the CHS premises 24 Saturdays a year could go towards cost of signage

6. Security
The new security contractor is strict about access to the car park asking for a list of names of volunteers each Saturday and registration numbers. Each year co-ordinator will need to collect this information prior to the Saturday and present this at the time of signing in in the morning.

7. Recess
The Cafe is in recess until 9 August when the Cafe resumes weekly until September 20 then resumes again without a break 4 October until December 6.

Helen Johnson
June 13 2014

A stock take was completed early February 2014 after all 2013 trading had ceased in the Cafe. In summary the Cafe is holding a total of $1904.45 in stock. The 2012 stock take showed a total of $2118.54 in stock. The bulk of the stock is in canned and bottled drinks and juice boxes accounting for $1661.45. The documentation for this is attached.
The School community should understand that many items in stock are not counted in the stock take as they could not be realised as assets in a sale. For example opened stock items have not been included. This additional stock has been bought by the P&C at some cost and is necessary to run the Cafe.
At the time of the stock take the Canteen was re-organised and cleaned thoroughly. Thanks to Rosie Jones (year 12) for her assistance in this job.
An inventory of equipment was also carried out.
The Samsung Cool tech Plus SR 32×68 combined fridge and freezer has come to the end of its life and should be replaced quickly. The fridge part is still working, however the freezer component leaks water and does not freeze food safely.
Due to time constraints, suitable quotes have not yet been collected for either a replacement fridge/ freezer or two separate items, a freezer and a fridge.
The large commercial Coke fridge is now available for all canned and bottled drinks. The Canteen fridge needs only to be used for the storage of sauces, milk, butter, mayonnaise etc and any foods brought in on Saturdays for use on the day. This food is not generally stored for periods of time. The Cafe at present does not require a larger capacity.
The Canteen freezer is principally used for the storage of frozen onions and sausages for the BBQ , some of which may be left over from earlier weeks. There are often excess or leftover muffins/cakes and bread stored in the freezer. Experience has shown that these often need to be thrown out as they have a short freezer life, and more importantly are usually NOT stored appropriately.
There may be some argument for buying larger capacity for the longer term. Current needs however suggest that a similar sized fridge/freezer might be the prudent way to proceed. There has been some thought that we could buy in larger quantities of frozen sausages for the BBQ at wholesale prices. At present these items as donated by each year group allowing the school to benefit in the resale. Profit margins in the Cafe will diminish substantially if the P&C pays for a greater percentage of the stock. At present as shown in the stock take an amount of money is already invested by the P&C in the Cafe.
Further research is needed to decide which option, either similar capacity fridge/.freezer or two separate items, and quotes need to be provided to the P&C for consideration.
2014 Dates
The first Cafe for 2014 is scheduled for 26 April (the Anzac weekend) with year 12. Cafe’s run each Saturday from 26 April until 7 June, recommencing on 9 August and running until until 6 December.

Year Co-Ordinators
The following are the year co-ordinators for 2014. All are busily approaching parents to fill the year roster in readiness for the April 29 start.
Year 12 Deb Cave, Year 11 Sally Taylor, Year 10 Cathy Davis and Greg Thiele, year 9 is currently vacant, year 8 Rachel Tsang and Bronte Pang, and Year 7 Bridget Quirk.
Emails have been sent to all these co-ordinators except year 9. An email has been sent to all year 9 parents seeking a new co-ordinator for the year.

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