2016 new families

New Families for 2016

Welcome again to the vibrant and engaging community of the Conservatorium High School. We understand you have received from the school some paperwork for the P&C. If you have already filled this in feel free to hand it in at the school at the Pre-Enrolment day on Monday November 23. Alternatively, we have now developed an online registration form that removes the palaver of quite so much paperwork. Complete the information on this link and the only paperwork you will need to complete is if you are making a payment, which the form will direct you to.

Any family who registers for the Buzz Book will receive a copy of the current book at the Orientation Day BBQ/House Concert on Wednesday December 17. This can help you organise travel with other students in your area when they start in 2016. If you are unable to collect the form on that day please contact secretary@conhighpandc.org.au to make other arrangements.

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