2015 student commitments

The following dates are the evening commitments for the students for 2015.
Arrangements for students to purchase dinner on these nights has been made as no student is to leave the school to purchase elsewhere.
We require 4 parents on each of these nights to help the caterer distribute the dinners.
Click on the links to volunteer!
Parents volunteers maybe able to park onsite for the time you are volunteering but this is subject to availability with prior arrangements only.

Wed 18 Feb Meet the Music Concert 1 http://doodle.com/wssnuph8b44gdv3uFri 20 Feb

Speech Night http://doodle.com/ecs8zqtfeke249ph

Wed 25 Mar Term 1 Concert http://doodle.com/tivhbezw5wf2ehzw

Thu 26 Mar Term 1 Concert http://doodle.com/tivhbezw5wf2ehzw

Wed 22nd Apr Meet the Music Concert 2

Thu 25th Jun Annual Concert
Fri 26th Jun Annual Concert

Wed 22nd Jul Meet the Music Concert 3

Mon 24th Aug Combined Wind Symphony Concert

Wed 16th Sep Valedictory Concert
Thu 17th Sep Valedictory Concert

Wed 11th Nov Meet the Music Concert 4

Wed 16th Dec House Concerts
Thu 17th Dec House Concerts

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